Project Purchaser

The following duties are associated with the Project Purchaser:

  1. Ensures procurement is performed in compliance with the project Contracting and Procurement Strategy
  2. Establishes commercial requirements in accordance with the purchasing requisition/scope package
  3. Identifies vendor sources
  4. Communicates requirements with suppliers
  5. Obtains budgetary price and delivery quotations
  6. Communicates decisions to vendors
  7. Establishes and documents deliveries & freight terms
  8. Negotiates commercial terms
  9. Performs commercial administration of contracts, in contact with Project Expeditor and Engineering
  10. Provides support to project expeditor in engagement with suppliers

Frontline Industrial

Founded in 2005, Frontline is a wholly-owned operating company of the PIC Investment Group, that offers project support services to a variety of industrial and commercial clients.

Phone: 306-956-3350

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