Project Manager

The following duties are associated with the Project Manager:

  1. Responsible/accountable for completion of the project within the cost, time and scope constraints
  2. Prepares Project Charter
  3. Creates the project plan
  4. Prepares Funding Authorization Request submissions
  5. Manages project risk
  6. Brings resources to the project to form the project team
  7. Provides leadership, and direction to the project team
  8. Ensures project permits are in place and regulatory requirements are achieved
  9. Manages the functional and operational project objectives with the Process Owner and Operations
  10. Develops the contracting and procurement strategy
  11. Approves the construction and vendor packages, contracts, and vendor purchases
  12. Approves changes in scope, schedule, and budget as presented by the team
  13. Manages draw down of the contingency allotted in the approved capital cost estimate
  14. Reports project progress to stakeholders

Frontline Industrial

Founded in 2005, Frontline is a wholly-owned operating company of the PIC Investment Group, that offers project support services to a variety of industrial and commercial clients.

Phone: 306-956-3350

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