Field Coordinator

The following duties are associated with the Field Coordinator:

  1. Field coordinators are responsible for the field activities for specific construction work packages
  2. Provides regular project progress reports
  3. Maintains daily log of activities and progress
  4. Attends contractor meetings to substantiate all work completed to date
  5. Forecasts work for the following week, schedule impact if any and site labour status
  6. Monitors activities to ensure the execution of the project is performed safely, efficiently and in accordance with the Engineering drawings and specifications
  7. Ensures the corrective action reports and non conformance reports are forwarded to the Construction Manager and/or the QA/QC Supervisor
  8. Ensures that all RFIs are submitted to Field Engineer
  9. Performs regular field inspections

Frontline Industrial

Founded in 2005, Frontline is a wholly-owned operating company of the PIC Investment Group, that offers project support services to a variety of industrial and commercial clients.

Phone: 306-956-3350

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