Construction Manager

The following duties are associated with the Construction Manager:

  1. Responsible for project materials management on site
  2. Responsible for costs and schedule of construction activities
  3. Responsible for field inspections and quality control
  4. Acquires the Construction Management team
  5. Works with design team on constructability
  6. Direct interface with contractors post award
  7. Single line of contact with contractor
  8. Develops and maintains relationships with contractors
  9. Manages field execution in accordance with contract documents
  10. Manages issues, requests, and contract changes
  11. Manages contractor and construction management team compliance to site and project safety, health, environment, quality program
  12. Daily communication of construction activities
  13. Provides verification of progress and issues payment certificates
  14. Coordinate construction work with operations
  15. Coordinate construction work with other projects
  16. Participates in contract review prior to bidding
  17. Supervise construction management team
  18. Ensures that all necessary permits are in hand when conducting the work
  19. Provides weekly and monthly construction reporting including forecasts
  20. Works with design team and procurement lead to optimize logistics plan and integrates the plan with construction execution

Frontline Industrial

Founded in 2005, Frontline is a wholly-owned operating company of the PIC Investment Group, that offers project support services to a variety of industrial and commercial clients.

Phone: 306-956-3350

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